The Proof is in the Design...Snake Skin Illusions camouflage has taken a new approach to hunting concealment. Borrowed from the copperhead snake, the Snake Skin Illusions natural concealment design has been proving its effectiveness for eons. After years of research, this natural design is now available in camouflage clothing that uses the same design as the copperhead snake, but in a proportion that is equally effective on the human form. This unique design offers hunters something that no other camouflage offers on the market today. Today's camo's tend to create their effect by trying to look like surrounding vegetation. Most of today's camo's offer their design on a dark background, causing a blobbing effect at distances as close as twenty yards. The Snake Skin Illusions approach isn't to try to look like the surrounding vegetation, rather it creates a disappearing effect. This design is difficult for animals to focus and the light backgrounds do not create the blobbing effect at any distance. If you are looking for the ultimate hunting concealment system, Snake Skin Illusions is essential equipment for your next hunt. The camouflage revolution truly starts with Snake Skin Illusions brand camouflage!